Why Axis Maravel?

People have come up to me to ask me why Axis Maravel, why the name, is it because of the comics, nature or did you pay to find it.

Nope, none of the above, this name was created about 25 years before it’s existence. I was 15 years old when I created it, I had thought back when I was younger that I would some day write and share my poetry and create what I now have created (please dream), it works!... yes, I created this name because in school we were educated that the earth was held by an axis tilted while the earth rotates and I thought that would be such a great name because I felt my life is held as an axis tilted rotating either with pain, love, compassion and just experiences. The name Maravel is Brazilian for marvelous, so I thought why not a name with my poetry that rotates and is marvelous. It would make me feel that my poetry and art would rotate the world from my experiences in a marvelous tilt. Yes, that is how it was and here are.

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