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Introduction to Axis Maravel

Good morning, good afternoon, bon jour, hola, wherever you are reading from, thank you for reading my blog on my site Axis Maravel Expressions. My name is Nicole and yes, I am the owner of the website, the online store and Facebook page. I’ve created this site from the original foundation of it which are my poems on my website page poesianicolet, although it is in Spanish the website and poetry, it is the reason why I created this online store, as an extension of my creativity with word art, visual arts and expressions that have shaped my life and experiences.

I want to let you know that life is full of so many experiences and while we won’t learn as fast as they come, I have learned that you will be tested until you learn the lesson. In my life, the biggest lesson has been to deal with rejection, I have dealt with this as young as in elementary school and while I thought that people just outright hated me. I realized it wasn’t maddening that they hated me; it was the fact that I hated myself more for not fitting in than those that hated me. I was 10 years old when I realized this. This is the reason I began to write poetry, to release my anger, my pain, my love and hate with myself. I wrote my first book at 12 years old and it has been my motivation ever since then. This hobby grew and it became my secret passion and then my public pleasure to share, it was with fear that I started and now it is with pleasure that I provide my poetry. I wanted to share my words to alleviate the feelings that others may have that were the same collectively for us, because at the end we are human, at the end we just want to be.

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