Back to Basics

So today, I was being nostalgic about my past, so many things have come to a passing. I thought about all my friendships that ended, the people that I just plain avoided, the men I left and the ones that are just there pending. My family and friends that passed. So many things happened in this very short time we have on earth and I thought wow can there be a scroll where we can look back as in the movies with dvr where you go back pic by pic to see where was the chapter that you missed, or the one you like, or the one that you want to go back to and left because it was too small. I feel as if time passes by so quickly, it is already fall and I was just at the beach only about 2 months ago, now I dream about next summer because we are so close to winter. I decided to go back to basics, let this just be, I will promise myself to just be, no matter the season or the reasons, I just want to continue to be the best I can be.

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